Michael Pearce Applications Manager Michael Pearce has a background in electrical engineering, including work in areas such as theatrical and commercial lighting, automation systems, computer systems and automotive. He was part of the Microchip Technology team that worked with Cisco to develop PoE boards for Energywise and designed the original reference design for the Cisco Digital Ceiling.

Power over Ethernet for the Digital Building & IoT

In the current digital era, enterprises are embracing innovative technologies to create new experiences and business opportunities. This transformation has given rise to revolutionary applications, including digital ceilings that have gained popularity by connecting network-powered LED lighting solutions together with other building systems into the Internet of Things (IoT). The implementation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) ensures lower OpEx, faster deployment time and lower commissioning time. This lecture will introduce you to the way a PoE system is built, the PoE standards and what is required to design a PoE powered device.

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