Matt McWhinney Business Development Manager Matt McWhinney is a Business Development Manager at Molex and works with customers and electronics manufacturers throughout North America. He supports Molex products including antennas, fine-pitch high-speed internal and I/O connectors. Matt graduated from Marquette University and is an electrical engineer. He has worked more than 20 years with electronics and electrical systems manufacturers in the automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial and consumer products markets and has led global teams of product managers before joining Molex.

IoT, Wireless Connectivity, and Future Trends Such as 5G with Molex

In this Industry Tech Days Fireside Chat presented by Matt McWhinney from Molex, Mouser Electronics, All About Circuits' Editor-in-Chief Kate Smith discusses the recent proliferation of the Internet of Things and wireless connectivity more generally, before exploring future industry trends (such as 5G) and what designers and engineers need to anticipate and understand to best accommodate their designs for the demands of the next generation of devices.

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