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On Demand Develop ML Applications with the Glow Neural Network Compiler and TensorFlow Lite for i.MX RT Crossover MCUs
Markus Levy Markus Levy joined NXP in 2017 as the Director of AI and Machine Learning Technologies. In this position, he is focused primarily on the technical strategy, roadmap, and marketing of AI and…
Anthony Huereca Anthony Huereca is a systems engineer at NXP focusing on embedded MCUs and machine learning on the edge.
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On Demand How to Easily Achieve High System Safety Levels for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles with NXP System Basis Chips
Vincent Largadelle Vincent graduated from the INSA-T School as engineer in 2001. He has worked in different product engineering, team management, technical marketing and business development positions in the…
Jean-Philippe Meunier Jean-Philippe joined NXP in 1999. With a career in the electronics and semiconductor business focused in the Automotive market, he has held various positions in Product Engineering, Program…
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On Demand Implementing Functionally Safe xEV Power Inverter Designs Utilizing IGBTs or SiC MOSFETs
Vince McNeil, PhD Vince is managing the growth of a portfolio of automotive analog products for traditional ICE and electrified powertrain applications. He has over twenty years of semiconductor industry…
Sandeep Kumar Sandeep is a functional safety professional with experience in embedded microcontroller-based system software with 6 years of hands-on experience. Sandeep holds a master's degree in…
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On Demand Redefining Connected Vehicles with Service-Oriented Gateways
Brian Carlson Brian Carlson is responsible for global marketing of automotive processors and solutions for vehicle control and networking. He focuses on enabling new innovations that can create new…
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