Vincent Largadelle Vincent graduated from the INSA-T School as engineer in 2001. He has worked in different product engineering, team management, technical marketing and business development positions in the Automotive division at Motorola, Freescale and NXP. He has an MBA from the Toulouse Business School.
Jean-Philippe Meunier Jean-Philippe joined NXP in 1999. With a career in the electronics and semiconductor business focused in the Automotive market, he has held various positions in Product Engineering, Program Management, and more recently System and Safety Architect. He holds a Master degrees in Micro-Electronics.

How to Easily Achieve High System Safety Levels for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles with NXP System Basis Chips

In partnership with NXP Semiconductors


The growing demand of power delivery in various applications, such as ADAS, requires the design of multiple safety PMICs in a same module. The approach of this Multi-PMIC configuration with various SOCs becomes complex and must also satisfy the functional safety requirements at system level.

This session will discuss what solutions NXP propose to simplify your ASIL D Multi-PMIC architecture and explain how to manage the interactions between Safety PMICs and ASIL domains at system level. From the simplest architecture using 1 safety PMIC + MCU to the Multi-PMIC approach with several SOCs, you will learn what values NXP functional safety PMICs bring to your development and how they simplify your complete system safety integration.

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