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Environmental Sensor Applications for IoT Edge Device Sensing

September 04, 2020 by Omron Electronic Components

Learn more about the "environment sensor" solution developed my OMRON, based on MEMS device and power-saving technology.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend to collect and analyze data using various sensors installed in wearables, automobiles, etc. so as to make use of them in business. The key is utilizing the IoT.

However, just collecting them by means of the existing sensors has not succeeded in securing enough quality and quantity of data to create new solutions and services. So OMRON has developed an "environment sensor" based on the MEMS device technology and power-saving technology which have been cultivated for years.

The "environment sensor" makes it easy to sense the environmental information in various places where data have not been obtained so far, and allows customer companies to develop new solutions and services based on the IoT. OMRON will continue to make full use of MEMS device technology, expand the IoT market where new solutions and services are created by means of big data, and accelerate the cycle to create the optimum sensor on our own.