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Selecting Cooling Fans for Kiosks in Various Environments

September 01, 2020 by Orion Fans

A fan that combines rugged operation with high airflow and low noise to ensure the long-term operation of interactive, outdoor electronic kiosks is a key design consideration.

Outdoor kiosks can be subjected to harsh environmental conditions that may affect the performance of sensitive electronics. From extreme temperatures and humidity to dust and dirt, as well as exposure to rough treatment by animals and humans, the electronics inside interactive kiosks must be rugged in design. Additionally, they must be equipped to maintain internal temperatures regardless of the weather.

For indoor kiosks, extreme temperatures are less of a risk, so ambient temperature rarely drops below its norm. Often, such kiosks maintain their temperature through convection ventilation, but if there is concern that the enclosure could become a bit overheated a fan can be used to dissipate the heat away from the electronics and out a top vent of the kiosk.



To ensure proper performance and longer lifespan while reducing maintenance and operating costs, equipment designers pay particular attention to kiosk enclosures’ internal temperature regulation, achieved through a variety of cooling technologies. Faced with a variety of kiosk applications, environments, functionality, enclosure size, and location, specifying the right fan and accessories can contribute greatly to the overall system performance as well as maximize kiosk uptime.