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Secure Internet Communication for IoT Applications

September 01, 2020 by Renesas Electronics

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to internet security, securing IoT-connected devices is more important than ever before. Examine approaches to securing internet communication and the challenges of implementing security correctly.

Today, even the most basic items in our lives, from coffee mugs to pill containers, can be connected to the internet and cloud environments. This means that much of our daily environment has become a potential attack surface. As cyber threats to connected devices grow more powerful and malicious, almost every aspect of everyday life could be compromised by hackers and malware.

Securing embedded applications to protect data and intended functionality is now a primary consideration for developers, as any communication via the internet must be secured.



Importantly, embedded security cannot be an afterthought. It must be planned for and designed in from the beginning. What's needed is a security strategy that offers multiple layers of defense to implement in-depth, comprehensive protections for internet communication that takes advantage of the latest security advances in both hardware-and software-based security.

This whitepaper examines the various approaches to securing internet communication and the challenge of implementing these security methodologies correctly.