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On Demand Advances in Silicon Carbide Transistors and Diodes Increasing Power Density
Alfredo Arno Alfredo Arno is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Automotive Power Discrete Products and Modules in ST North America. Beginning his career in '96 as a researcher at the Microwave Modeling…
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On Demand Learn to Design a Sensor-to-Cloud Condition Monitoring Application with the SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node (STWIN) Development Kit
Manuel Cantone Ernesto Manuel Cantone is Product Marketing Manager for MEMS and Sensors in the Americas. Starting his career as a mixed-signal IC designer, he has promoted ST's complete IoT ecosystem to…
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On Demand Simplifying Wireless Integration
Colin Ramrattan Colin has been with STMicroelectronics since 2012 and is a Product Marketing Engineer with the microcontroller product marketing team for the Americas. Colin has held positions in both the…
Alec Bath Alec Bath is a Microcontroller Applications Manager for the Eastern region of the US and has held this position since October 2017. He has been with ST for 19 years.
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Industry Tech Days has ended! Please visit us next year at Sept 13 - 17, 2021

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