Integrating Safety and Isolation with Intelligent Power Switches

Discover ST's portfolio of robust, SIL-ready Intelligent Power Switches and development tools for industrial applications. Following an introduction of IPS theory and common use-cases, ST dives into the details of a portfolio that includes intelligent high-side and low-side switches capable of efficiently driving inductive, capacitive or resistive loads. In addition, diagnostics for CPU feedback and extensive use of electrical protection features make these devices inherently indestructible and thus suitable for industrial applications. they then discuss our new IPS devices for Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-compliant applications, and the technical advantages they provide.

The portfolio also includes galvanically-isolated octal high-side smart power switches. These smaller, more robust and energy-efficient controllers are the current trend for innovative industrial automation equipment. And with very low levels of quiescent current together with on-chip RF communication through the isolation layer, they ensure excellent levels of efficiency and immunity to electromagnetic noise and ESD in compliance with international standards.

Finally, you will be introduced to a complete toolset for developing with IPS, including hardware, software, and documentation, to demonstrate how fast and easy it can be to perform setup and digital diagnostics.

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