Remote Firmware Update with Winbond's W77Q

August 31, 2020 by Winbond

One of the most essential, and vulnerable, elements of IoT devices involves firmware updates. Winbond's W77Q addresses key security concerns.

Winbond's W77Q addresses key security concerns by removing the MCU from the firmware updating process, using an end-to-end secure channel with encrypted and authenticated data. Cryptograhpic write protection creates a secure channel between the update authority and the flash, protecting the flash from unauthorized change.

W77Q series of Secure Flash memory devices is a drop-in replacement for standard flash devices. It supports secure boot and system-level resilience and provides strong protection for operations such as over-the-air updates and device authentication. The new W77Q enables hardware root-of-trust and secure, encrypted data-storage, and transfer capabilities. It ensures robust and secure over-the-air updates with an end-to-end secure channel between the updating authority and the IoT device equipped with W77Q, even when the host processor is compromised.