Bruce Rose Application Engineer During his many years in the electronics industry working in design, sales, and marketing, Bruce Rose has focused on analog circuits and power delivery. His range of work experience includes organizing and chairing international workshops, publishing and presenting in more than 40 technical conferences and journals, and having been awarded seven patents. While he enjoys his time at work, Bruce further enjoys the time he is able to spend with his family hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as pursuing his passion of full scale and model aviation.

Design and Selection of EMI Filters and Components

EMI filters are an important part of electrical systems and are responsible for ensuring your application complies with applicable EMC regulations. While often integrated into the power supply, in some cases it makes more sense to apply an external filter. To the inexperienced power filter designer, this can be a daunting task dealing with components, circuits, and specifications they’re unfamiliar with. This presentation will explain the functions, ratings, and selection of external EMI filters and their components for Class A and B applications.

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