Dr. Richard Fix Bosch Sensortec GmbH Product Portfolio Manager, Product Area MEMS Richard Fix studied mathematics & physics and finished his Ph.D. 2009 at the Robert Bosch GmbH and the Max-Planck Institute Erlangen. Within the Bosch group, Dr. Fix was leading innovation studies, research, and development projects for products with chemical sensors for automotive, building, medical and consumer applications. After his position as senior product manager for environmental sensors at Bosch Sensortec GmbH, he started a new role as product portfolio manager for the product area MEMS in 2020.

Sensing Solutions For Fitness & Well-Being

Fitness and well-being are essential for a healthy life. Get to know more about Bosch Sensortec’s new sensing solutions for fitness & well-being!

The BME688 is the first air quality sensor that combines gas, humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure sensing with innovative artificial intelligence capability. The barometric pressure sensor BMP384 is media-resistant and gel-filled, making it suitable for fitness applications in wearables with water-resistant and robustness needs. The self-learning AI sensor BHI260AP enables highly personalized fitness tracking through self-learning AI software in the sensor. It recognizes and adapts to a wide variety of movements and is able to learn any new fitness activity that is based on repetitive, cyclical patterns.

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