Kaitlyn Franz Test & Measurement Line Manager Kaitlyn first joined Digilent as an Intern while at Washington State University in Pullman, WA (where Digilent began, as well!). In the past five years, she has parlayed her love of electrical engineering and problem solving to become the manager of the Test product line, where she avidly advocates for WaveForms, the Analog Discovery family, and making engineering accessible to all, no matter where you make your office or workbench!

How Remote and USB Test Devices Benefit Engineers


Note: This Live Session was originally scheduled to go live Monday, September 13th at 4pm EST. Due to technical difficulties with the ON24 platform, the event has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 14th at 6pm EST.


Deployability is often thought of as "a data logger in a field", or some similar way of moving the test & measurement process outside of the traditional confines of a lab. However, our customers have shown us another meaning for deployability in product development and manufacturing/testing - it could also mean using a portable device for deployment on a factory line, or the ability to easily share, either physically or via remote access, test setups for distributed teams. 

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