Dr. Jeffrey Welser VP of Exploratory Science and University Partnerships at IBM Research

The Latest from the Lab: How IBM Research Is Inventing What's Next

In this Industry Tech Days Keynote, Dr. Jeffrey Welser of IBM Research gives an inside perspective on how R&D turns science fiction into working products and which cutting-edge technologies are changing our industry drastically.

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About Dr. Jeffrey Welser 



Dr. Jeffrey Welser is the Vice President of Exploratory Science and University Partnerships for IBM. He is director of labs based in California, Tokyo, and Cambridge, specializing in AI, neuromorphic devices, and quantum computing. 

Dr. Welser has been at IBM Research for over 25 years and has been involved in projects from supercomputers to CMOS device design. His role is both research-oriented and public-facing as he heads up consortiums to introduce new technologies to academic, governmental, and industrial groups. 

He received his Electrical Engineering Ph.D. from Stanford University and is an IEEE Fellow, as well as a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

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