Daniel Makus Global Application Marketing Manager Daniel Makus is the global application marketing manager for xEV and EV Charging applications with a focus on driving go-to-market activities, new product definitions for electrification infrastructure, and In-car xEV applications like On-Board Charger, DC-DC converter and potential new applications in electrified powertrain.
Rafael Garcia System Applications Engineer Rafael Garcia is a System Applications Engineer for On Board Charger applications with a main focus in the usage of the three different power semiconductor technologies, Silicon Super-junction, Gallium Nitride, and Silicon Carbide MOSFETs for different topologies.

Mastering Power Density In On-Board Charger Applications

Longer driving distance demand on xEV is the key for the majority of xEV makers and their customers. Higher capacity batteries will take more space in the vehicle bodies. Therefore, more and more the original design manufacturers (ODMs) worldwide are looking to enable high power density on power electronic units such as on-board chargers (OBC) for electric vehicles. In this webinar, learn the ways to master higher power density trends utilizing right technology selection, packaging and integration concepts.

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