Enabling Best Antenna Efficiency with Infineon's Antenna Tuning Solutions

Antenna tuning is an essential technology to ensure the best antenna performance within a wide range of "Internet of Everything" (IoE) applications. In the increasingly digitalized world, customers expect an even better user experience in terms of product design and functionality. Along with the appealing design, smart devices need to ensure always-on connectivity with excellent reception quality and fast, stable connections. To cater to these needs, manufacturers incorporate more features and frequency bands into even smaller and thinner devices. This constitutes a significant challenge for antenna engineers to maintain optimum antenna efficiency. Antenna tuning helps resolve this issue.

With the increasing adoption of 5G technology, maintaining antenna efficiency is becoming a critical topic within a growing number of IoE applications. Infineon provides a broad selection of small, ready-to-use antenna tuners to enable optimal antenna performance of connected devices. Based on deep-rooted RF expertise, Infineon Antenna Tuning Solutions maximize antenna radiation efficiency for high data rate, excellent signal quality, and long battery life. In addition, Infineon Antenna Tuners enable engineers to reduce the number of antennas, which increases design flexibility and accelerates time-to-market. Watch this webinar from Infineon Technologies to learn more.

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