Enabling Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance in HVAC Systems

Predictive Maintenance techniques detect anomalies in equipment before those turn into system-critical failures, allowing maintenance to be scheduled before the equipment actually breaks down. This increases equipment uptime reduces overall maintenance costs and allows optimization of spare part inventory by enabling preventive maintenance based on the equipment’s actual needs.

After having proven its benefits in the context of Industry 4.0., this data-driven maintenance strategy is now being adopted in the Smart Buildings of tomorrow. Especially for infrastructure critical assets such as HVAC, Predictive Maintenance offers many benefits.

Condition monitoring facilitates insights into the actual state of devices in buildings by making use of sensors. They collect data on an equipment’s most crucial parameters by enabling vibration analysis, sound anomaly detection, current sensing, and the monitoring of other parameters to gain meaningful insights into the equipment’s health.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • How condition monitoring can be implemented using advanced sensor technology as a basis for predictive maintenance in HVAC devices?
  • How sensor data can be collected from HVAC components at the edge, be pre-processed in a microcontroller, and be sent to the cloud for advanced data intelligence?
  • How Klika Tech supports product development based on Infineon’s sensor solutions in combination with AWS cloud integration for predictive maintenance of HVAC devices?
  • How to use an evaluation kit as an initial starting point for a customized end-to-end solution for HVAC devices?

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