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Sensor-to-Cloud Application Development Kit

9 hours ago by InnoPhase

Learn about the InnoPhase Sensor-to-Cloud Application Development Kit.


Pre-Packaged Development Kit Accelerates New Product Development for Cloud-Connected Sensors:

  • Captures Sensor Data and Posts to AWS Cloud
  • Smartphone App using BLE for easy Wi-Fi network provisioning
  • Battery-Based – 2+ years operation with frequent data posting
  • Small form-factor largely driven by battery selection
  • Easy to integrate new sensors using I2C/SPI connections on EVB




The InnoPhase Sensor-to-Cloud ADK offers your development engineers a complete system that has been optimized for low power reading-and-posting of sensor data. Existing sensors for Pressure, Temperature, Optical Power, and Humidity are integrated into the system and the easy addition of new sensors is enabled through connection via the I2C/SPI port. Time-to-Market for your project is accelerated whether it is a water leak sensor, hazardous gas sensor, accelerometer/gyroscope, or any other sensing or monitoring device.

The ADK uses InnoPhase’s Talaria TWO industry-leading low power Wi-Fi solutions with flexible DTIM settings, flexible Keep Alive settings, and a digital radio that allows for ultra-low receive and transmit power. Talaria TWO also contains a BLE radio that enables your product to set up Wi-Fi provisioning through Bluetooth. With an integrated 80MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor and 2MB of stacked flash, everything you need for a sensor to cloud product development is readily available.

The ADK includes the following features and components:

  • An Android smartphone app (.apk) that enables Wi-Fi Provisioning over BLE.
  • Pre-packaged software application for posting data to cloud service providers, such as AWS.
  • Flexible APIs that enable developers to modify DTIM, Keep Alive, and data posting intervals in order to optimize battery life for their project requirements.
  • This versatile software runs on the readily available Talaria TWO Modules EVK development boards. These boards have the following sensors pre-integrated and connected via I2C:
    • Sensirion SHTC3 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor
    • Texas Instruments OPT3002 Optical Sensor
    • Bosch BMP388 Pressure Sensor
  • Easy software integration of other sensors driver code into the main application and hardware connections to external sensors via I2C/SPI ports on the EVK board.

The result is a Wi-Fi-enabled, cloud-connected, battery-operated sensor device that runs for over 2 years on two standard AA batteries!


Application Detail

In a standard demonstration, environmental sensors found on the InnoPhase INP3011 EVK are connected to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the most efficient Wi-Fi radio available in the market, the InnoPhase Talaria TWO. The sensors post their data to the cloud at an adjustable time interval that allows developers to balance between data volume and battery life. The data can be visualized using graphing programs such as Grafana.



In the implementation shown here, the INP3011 EVK is configured to poll its integrated sensors once per minute and post to the AWS cloud. The flexibility of the Talaria TWO allows for it to save even more power by not listening to every router beacon. In this case, we have it set to listen only every 1.2s (DTIM12). Keep Alive message timings are adjustable and are critical for maintaining contact with the router when using longer beacon listening intervals. In this case, a Keep Alive is set for every 3 minutes.




The results of this configuration are measured with a power meter and deliver compelling performance. The average current is measured at 112uA @ 3.3V over 19 minutes. This would deliver more than 2 years of battery life if the product was utilizing two AA batteries (derated to 2200mAh). By modifying the setting to DTIM24 and two-minute post period, a two-year battery life would be achievable using just two AAA batteries.



Once the operation of this application kit is mastered, developers can easily add any additional sensors that need to be evaluated and integrated. Simple modifications will also allow for integration with graphing applications and other cloud services such as AWS, Azure, IBM Watson and Google Cloud. The InnoPhase Sensor-to-Cloud Application Kit allows for accelerated and flexible sensor product development.


Getting Started

  • Purchase a Talaria TWO Evaluation Board of your choice from one of our Distribution Partners.
  • Download our Evaluation Software package for an initial evaluation.
  • Contact us to discuss your project (
  • Register with InnoPhase to download the SDK and Sensor-to-Cloud application (
    • Note: NDA and Development Tools License Agreement must be completed for access.
  • Start making new, incredible products that are cloud-connected and ultra-low power consumption!!

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