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On Demand Sensor-Fusion and Perception Solutions for Key ADAS and AD Application Use Case
Youval Nehmadi Engineering Director, Sensor Fusion & Perception Youval Nehmadi has over 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry, including in applied materials, algorithms, computer vison, deep neural networks, and business development in both…
On Demand

LeddarTech is a leader in environmental sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems.

Founded in 2007, LeddarTech has evolved to become an end-to-end environmental sensing company that solves critical sensing and perception challenges across the automotive and mobility value chain.'

With LeddarVision™, the sensor-fusion and perception platform that enables 1 to 5 ADAS/AD autonomy levels, and with LeddarEngine™, the most versatile and scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform covered by over 100 patented technologies (granted or pending), LeddarTech allows Tier 1-2 automotive system integrators to develop full-stack sensing solutions that enhance OEMs’ ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities.

LeddarTech products and solutions are actively deployed in autonomous shuttles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, smart cities/factories, and robotaxi applications.

LeddarVision: a unique sensor-fusion and perception solution for the automotive and mobility markets

LeddarEngine: a LiDAR development platform combining a scalable SoC and signal processing library for Tier-1 and 2 automotive suppliers

LiDAR modules: 14 generations of 2D and 3D solid-state LiDARs for mobility, ITS, and industrial applications developed on the LeddarEngine platform. Over a decade of field-proven technology development and more than 40 000 units sold.

LeddarCore™ SoC LCA2: a highly integrated system-on-chip for LIDAR developers that replaces multiple discrete components and accelerates time-to-market

Datasets: featuring the PixSet™, a publicly available dataset derived from a full AV sensor suite provided for autonomous driving R&D

Technical consulting and R&D professional services in optics, electronics, and software to support customer and partner product and system development leveraging Leddar™ sensing and perception technologies

Leddar Ecosystem: value-added partnerships that enable customers to accelerate technology development and reduce risks

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