Youval Nehmadi Engineering Director, Sensor Fusion & Perception Youval Nehmadi has over 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry, including in applied materials, algorithms, computer vison, deep neural networks, and business development in both large enterprises and startups. Youval holds a PhD in 3D sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles and an EMBA from Kellogg-Recanati of Tel Aviv University, and is the owner of more than twenty patents. In January 2016, along with Ronny Cohen, Youval co-founded VayaVision, a sensor fusion and perception software company focusing on the autonomous driving market. VayaVision developed an innovative patented technology that enables best-in-class sensing with added-value cognition abilities at an affordable price. In July of 2020, VayaVision was acquired by LeddarTech, a global leader in Level 1-5 ADAS and AD environmental sensing technology.

Sensor-Fusion and Perception Solutions for Key ADAS and AD Application Use Case

In an autonomous vehicle, reliable and accurate perception of the environment is critical to enable safe driving decisions. The output from the various sensors needs to be fused with no loss of information in order to produce an accurate model of the environment that captures every surrounding object. The standard approach used by perception platforms currently available in the ADAS and AD market is object fusion, where information about object detection performed by each type of sensor is brought together to support the driving decision making.

In this presentation we will be exploring how LeddarVision―the LeddarTech sensor fusion and perception platform―combines AI and computer vision technologies as well as deep neural networks with computational efficiency to scale up the performance of AV sensors and hardware essential for planning the driving path.

This approach allows for safer autonomous driving with better detection and helps to overcome some of the limitations found in other single sensor approaches. As this landscape continues to evolve, automakers are realizing that their specific design requirements often require a more open, flexible, and scalable sensor-fusion and perception solution that accommodates a vast array of sensor options.  Join us for this one-hour webinar as we explore the ADAS and AD automotive landscape, the challenges, as well as the technology presently being employed.

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