DM Venkatesan Senior Manager, Regional New Business Development Over 10 years of experience in technology marketing, strategic partnering and Development of new businesses. In line with Murata's philosophy to contribute to advancement of society and with our core technologies, looking for partners to co-develop new technology and business ecosystem in Agritech and for other social issues in ASEAN, India, and Oceania.
Sreejith KK Product Engineer, RF Components & Wireless Connectivity More than 7 years of experience in wireless module domain as a project support and development lead. Sreejith has strong passion for product development. He constantly keeps abreast of innovations and developments related to wireless networks, especially.
Sweta Srivastava Engineering Sales Department Highly energetic and resourceful, Sweta has 8 years of experience in sales of electronics and electrical components. With an exceptional record of customer service and satisfaction, and deep knowledge in electronics, Sweta is able to handle customer queries with high professionalism.
Shafi Ahmed Product Engineer, RF Components & Wireless Connectivity Accumulated rich technical support experience and skills, for semi-conductor devices and wireless products across multiple applications, gained over the 10 years of working as a field application and product marketing engineer, Shafi is currently supporting Murata customers as a product engineer for wireless modules and RF Components. He is happy to help if you have any problem or challenge that you might be facing when integrating wireless to your design.

Exploring Innovative Solutions To Meet Your Real-World IoT Connectivity Challenges

Murata is at the forefront of wearable computing, intelligent homes, smart cars, digital health and fitness, machine-to-machine (M2M) commercial and industrial applications, and more. It is believed that further technological evolution and other advances will spur the realization of smart cities in an age of super-smart societies.

In this session, experts will be sharing on:

  • Everything you need to know about Murata – the Innovator in Electronics
  • Uncovering the strategies for meeting your real-world IoT connectivity challenges with Murata’s innovation 
    • Increasing demand for miniaturization, lower latency, extended battery life, good thermal management, and scalability
  • Murata’s total solutions that help build infrastructure for IoT ecosystem 
    • Combining highly accurate, reliable, compact, low power consumption sensors, wireless connectivity technology, battery miniaturization, and more.
  • Murata’s comprehensive support that impact the success of your project, such as online support tools
    • SimSurfing and Murata Community Forum
  • Murata's Core and Platform Technologies for Innovations
    • Smart Irrigation sensors for open farming & opportunities for technology/ business collaboration
  • Quick tour to Murata booth showcase
    • 5G/ IoT
    • Industrial
    • Automotive
  • How Murata stacks up in essence

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