Ali Osman Ors Director, AI ML Strategy and Technologies Ali currently leads the AI ML and related enablement strategy and technology activities for NXP’s Edge processing portfolio. Ali previously led AI strategy, strategic partnerships, and platform designs for the ADAS and Autonomous products in the automotive business line. Prior to joining NXP, Ali was VP of Engineering for CogniVue Corp and led the R&D teams developing vision SoC solutions and Cognition Processor IP cores. Ali holds an engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
Anthony Huereca Systems and Application Engineering Lead Anthony Huereca is a systems engineer at NXP focusing on embedded MCUs and machine learning on the edge.

Optimized Machine Learning on Low-Power NXP Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers offer very cost and power-effective solutions for deploying a variety of intelligent applications at the edge.  In this session, we will use NXP’s eIQ software to develop neural network models to deploy on MCU devices and analyze the performance profile across different supported inference engines and compiler options.

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