IoT Evaluation Board Demonstrations with Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI

September 13, 2021 by Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Realtek Ameba D is an IoT-ready SoC series featuring dual-band WiFi and BLE5.0. The Ameba D evaluation board runs on Realtek’s RTL8722DM SoC, which is an ARM Cortex M33 based dual-core microcontroller designed for IoT and power-saving. Watch this video from Realtek to learn more.

Aside from many hardware resources, Ameba D also supports rapid development via 3 different SDKs:

  • Realtek’s Standard SDK: You can use this for production-ready software development.
  • Arduino SDK: For quick feature verification.
  • MicroPython SDK: If you are not familiar with C/C++ language.

In this demo, you will learn more about what Ameba D can offer.