Zhu Qi Software Engineer Zhu Qi joined Realtek Singapore and is responsible for engaging and interacting with end-users and makers, organizing community events for education, and sharing development experience. Prior to this, Zhu Qi has experience in being a R2R Engineer at a famous international semiconductor company, responsible for developing smart manufacturing solutions towards the Industry 4.0 standard.

Easy Start to Make Your AIoT Dream with Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI Evaluation Board SDK

Join Realtek in this webinar to get started easily with your ingenious AIoT designs by using Realtek's RTL8722DM evaluation boards with the TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers framework.

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field, and with the increasing computation power of microcontrollers, more machine learning algorithms are being deployed to embedded edge processors running IoT applications. The introduction of the ability to intelligently process visual and audio data locally, such as in-person detection and keyword recognition, reduces dependence on cloud processing and offers new opportunities for the applications and deployment of embedded AIoT products.

In this webinar, you will learn more about: 

  • The emergence of AIoT and the overall trend of applications
  • The importance of open-source SDK to AIoT applications 
  • What can Ameba do for your design? The RTL8722DM_MINI evaluation board and its features
  • Software Development Kits available for the RTL8722DM_MINI, such as the Standard SDK, MicroPython SDK, and Arduino SDK
  • Introduction to TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers for AI machine learning
  • Demonstration of TensorFlow Lite with the RTL8722DM_MINI

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