Tumay Kanar Senior Manager mmWave IC design Tumay Kanar manages the mmWave IC design team at Renesas Electronics. His fields of expertise are in millimeter-wave IC and system design for beamforming technologies for 5G infrastructure and Satcom applications. He is also responsible for business development of the mmWave 5G product portfolio. He was the co-founder of SpectraBeam, a fabless mmWave-IC design company, which was acquired by Integrated Device Technology (IDT) in 2017. He holds a PhD in RF Circuit Design from the University of California at San Diego and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University. He has more than 20 patents in advanced IC and system design techniques for beamformer front-ends.

Designing Highly Integrated Beamforming Radios For mmWave 5G

Beamforming phased arrays emerged as the key enabling technology for mmWave 5G radios because of their unique capability of range extension with steerable directivity. Efficient 5G networks require a diverse selection of radio units with different output power levels to overcome propagation range challenges and mostly avoid non-line-of-sight scenarios. Therefore, output power flexibility with sustainable high efficiency is the key for the successful deployment of complete network eco-systems.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Renesas beamformer products enable a wide range of output power levels while maintaining high efficiency with Dynamic Array Power (DAP) technology. We will cover a complete radio front-end reference design using all Renesas parts and explain the unique IC features facilitating the radio design at mmWave frequencies.

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