Roland van Roy Field Application Engineer Roland van Roy has been working in power electronics for over 25 years, first in Philips Taiwan and Philips Netherlands and 11 years for Richtek as FAE. Roland’s seminars and videos are focused on practical methods, showing simple ways to design and test electronics.

Power Designs and Challenges of Car Infotainment Systems

This webinar will explain some of the challenges of designing electronics for automotive applications, using a Mediatek Infotainment Eval board as an example. 

Specific power requirements of modern car electronics are explained and how to power these electronics taking into regard the automotive environmental conditions and characteristics of car batteries. The different topics are illustrated by actual measurements of car batteries and the design aspects of automotive power trees and power converters are introduced. Converter types include high voltage pre-regulators, high current power converters, and multi-channel PMICs for driving Infotainment SoCs. USB Type-C charging power supplies are also shown and explained. 

Attendees will learn the critical design aspects of automotive electronic design, and how to select the right architecture and key components for several applications. 

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