Mitch Van Ochten Mr. Van Ochten's power electronics experience includes design of Gate Drivers for High Frequency Welders and for a 2.2 MW Wind Turbine Converter. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and holds five US Patents. He can be reached at

New High-Surge Voltage Withstand 5A Output Power Supply ICs for Industrial Applications

ROHM’s 5A non-isolated buck DCDC converter duo BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ optimized for 48Vin and 24Vin applications, respectively, are designed with a focus on high efficiency and robustness against input surge voltages. Both ICs utilize ROHM’s market-proven NanoPulse Control™ technology to provide efficient single-stage conversion down to POL voltages for demanding industrial applications with high surge voltage withstand requirements of 39V/80V. They are available in packages ideal for PCB layout and operating requirements in 5G base stations, electric bicycles, power tools, home appliances, and factory automation applications. This reduces BOM count and total area while facilitating thermal design considerations.

In this presentation, Mitch Van Ochten will present key features that result in compact, high-efficiency, low-risk design guidelines.

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