Holger Hartmaier Senior Account Manager Automotive Holger Hartmaier is the Senior Account Manager Automotive at Rutronik, Inc., a global distributor of electronics components with revenue of more than $1B. He works for the Automotive Business Unit (ABU) out of the Rutronik Detroit, Michigan office.

Fuse and Relay Replacement Via Smart Electronic Switches

Fuses protect the components in electrical circuits. In case of overload or short circuit, the fuse trips, opens the circuit, and disconnects the load from the power source. The switch-off characteristic of a fuse has to be selected in such a way that the fuse is the weakest link in the circuit, thus protecting source, wiring, and load. 

Electronic fuses offer many benefits over conventional cut-out fuses and open up new possibilities for load management and safe supply.

During this live session, explore a generic block diagram of a smart electronic fuse and learn more about component examples from select manufacturers - Elmos, Vishay, and Bosch AE. 

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