Marcel Saffert Product Sales Manager Analog & Sensors Marcel Saffert is the Product Sales Manager for environmental and MEMS sensors at Rutronik, Inc., a global distributor of electronics components with revenue of more than $1B. He works for the Analog & Sensors department at the headquarter in Ispringen, Germany.

Sensor Fusion – Why Sensors and Data Acquisition Are the Core of Modern Systems

In our modern lives, we are surrounded by a significantly increasing number of systems with high complexity. We can find such systems in self-driving cars, our Smart Homes, or electrical gadgets we are wearing. To handle these systems, the processes require a large number of high-quality data. Otherwise, the processes would lead to failure or a poorly running system. This is where Sensor Fusion comes in. By a network of sensors and the use of Sensor Fusion, it is possible to increase the quality as well as the reliability of the gathered data, for smooth running processes and an understanding of the influencing factors of the system. 

In this presentation, learn more about the meaning of Sensor Fusion and why it is important in present and future processes. Additionally, the increasing networking of sensor technology is shown through examples of everyday lives. In the context of Indoor Air Quality, the 4-in-1 air quality sensor BME688 from Bosch Sensortec is introduced, as an example for sensor fusion. 

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