Phil Eckert Customer Quality Engineering Manager Phil Eckert is a mechanical engineer who has been with Samtec and participated in the interconnect industry for 31 years. The majority of that time has been spent working with product engineering including the past several years dealing with customers who have had quality issues. Phil currently serves as current Customer Quality Engineering Global Manager for Samtec.

Practical Tips to Select the Right Connector Set

Phil Eckert, Samtec’s Customer Quality Engineering Manager, shares a list of practical and proven tips and suggestions for evaluating, selecting, and processing connectors, to help designers select the right connector system for their application.  The goal is to help eliminate potential quality issues by reducing variability. While all of the points discussed relate to Samtec connectors, they generally apply to most board-level interconnect products, whether they come from Samtec or not. Phil’s career includes connector design, quality management, and years of experience processing connectors on boards.  

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