Enhancing Product Connectivity and Security using a Cloud-centric NFC Tag

In this webinar, learn how to use NFC contactless communication with the Cloud to enhance the connectivity and protection of your product.

Discover a new ISO 15693-compliant augmented NDEF NFC tag with a custom field for web-based identification and authentication.

Viewers will be introduced to the standardized NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) and how it can be used across multiple ST ecosystems. ST demonstrated how augmented NDEF allows data exchange for features including authenticity, product-specific information, and tamper status — without the need to develop a mobile application. You will also learn about configurable attributes such as the Unique Tap Code (UTC) to generate custom messages at each tap of the tag.

Also featured is how to use protection features such as a Password Attempt Counter to protect your device from repeated unauthorized attempts to connect, and physical tamper detect messages that can be stored within the tag. Finally, the presenter will cover how cloning protection can be implemented using ST's TruST25™ Digital Signature services to guarantee the authenticity of your product.

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