Ernesto Manuel Cantone Product Marketing Manager Manuel Cantone is Product Marketing Manager for MEMS and Sensors in the Americas. Starting his career as a mixed-signal IC designer, he has promoted ST's complete IoT ecosystem to help developers succeed in Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Home and Smart Things and to ensure that ST offers the latest Cloud, Connectivity, and Sensor Fusion building blocks for these markets. Manuel has also covered key roles developing and promoting ST products for data centers. He earned his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Universita' di Pisa, Italy.

Next Wave of High-Volume, Low Power and Advanced Sensors for IoT, Industrial, and New Mobility Applications

MEMS sensor innovation and technology has taken us to the point where we can detect all manner of ambient energy with the tiniest of devices, and employ the data in useful, if not critical, applications that help us perceive more, perform better, and stay safer.

While there is enormous scope for increasingly sophisticated use of combined sensor data, there are serious latency, bandwidth, and security challenges emerging across all personal electronics, industrial and automotive markets in relation to the transfer of such large quantities of data to and from centralized systems and cloud servers.
Real-time, low-power, local and edge data processing capabilities represent among the most viable and sustainable routes forward, and ST is shaping its technology and MEMS sensor product portfolio in pursuit of stringent power management targets in combination with extremely exciting developments in learning hardware and artificial intelligence engines.

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