Static and Dynamic Inclinometers for Industrial Applications

In this webinar from STMicroelectronics, three presenters explore the implementation of inclination-sensing solutions using a highly accurate 2-axis, low-power industrial inclinometer, and a high-performance 6-axis inertial module, in conjunction with available motion software libraries.

Applications include Industry 4.0, from robotics and earth-moving machinery to 5G antennas and solar panel pointing applications, and Smart City scenarios such as structural health monitoring in bridges and tunnels.

In this discussion, the IIS2ICLX with the MotionTL2 library will be used as a static inclinometer, which enables the highest accuracy in systems where the equipment being monitored is stationary or moving very slowly. The ISM330DHCX 6-axis iNEMO® inertial module features a 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope and uses a smart algorithm in MotionDI to combine signals from these sensors to eliminate the effects of rapid motion, vibration, or shock on the equipment, making it ideal for dynamic inclinometer applications.

Both sensors are equipped with machine learning capabilities and can implement algorithms in the sensor ASIC, alleviating the workload on the main MCU and enabling the lowest possible power consumption.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to select the right sensor for your application
  • The principal parameters affecting accuracy
  • ST tools for rapid development and evaluation
  • About the Machine Learning Core (MLC) feature

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