STM32WL: The Most Versatile SubGHz SoC

ST is hosting this one-hour webinar to showcase the features and industry-leading IP that is integrated into this market-unique LoRa-enabled SoC.

The STM32WL is an excellent choice for remote environmental sensors, meters, trackers, and process controllers. 

The STM32WL SoC combines an ultra-low-power microcontroller and LoRa-compliant sub-GHz radio transceiver on the same chip for long-range IoT communication across sub-GHz bands.

Every STM32WL includes root-of-trust functions that ensure IoT security, and parts qualified to 105’C are available for operation in harsh industrial environments.

Attendees will learn...

  • About the industry-leading technology modulations supported in the STM32WL, which includes LoRa, Sigfox, FSK, MSK
  • What makes the single-core and dual-core STM32WL SoCs unique in the market
  • The benefits of the security and low-power features of the STM32WL
  • Ecosystem advantages of the STM32WL including wireless communication stacks supported today, debugging tools, and the value-added features offered by ST

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