Lee Stacey u-blox Product Evangelist Lee Joined Thingstream, now part of u-blox, in 2018 as a marketer and product evangelist. Lee began his career as an electronics engineer back in the early '90s, specialising in audio equipment design and repair. For the past decade and a half, he has worked with several technology and engineering brands to build communities and engage customers.
Nick Hayes Principal Engineer/Product Owner

Why MQTT-SN? An Exploration of the Power-Saving Advantages Of MQTT-SN in IoT Devices

In this session, we will demonstrate various case study examples that illustrate how to optimize power consumption for IoT applications, such as in asset tracking.

PSM and eDRX are useful for LPWA devices but don’t make a significant impact on the operational savings required. We will introduce the power-saving benefits of using the MQTT-SN protocol.

We will cover:

  • The power characteristics in IoT use cases
  • Low power connectivity options available today
  • The advantages of MQTT-SN over other contesting protocols 
  • An overview of MQTT and MQTT-SN
  • An overview of connectivity landscape and the benefits of the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform
  • Compelling, live case studies that illustrate the advantages of MQTT-SN

Presenters Nick Hayes and Lee Stacey both have extensive knowledge of the subject and will be available during and after the session for any questions that are not covered during the presentation.

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