Zeljko Loncaric Marketing Engineer Zeljko Loncaric is Marketing Engineer at congatec AG in Deggendorf (Germany). Prior to joining congatec mid-2010, he held various positions with international companies in product management, marketing and sales marketing in Germany and Australia. Zeljko, who holds an MBA in business management and a degree in Media Technology from the University of Deggendorf, is also a Bosch-trained electronics technician. The investigation of improved product and service solutions in the early start-up phase is not only a passion, but also the core of the scientific doctorate. The research deals with start-ups in the innovative technology sector and the use of experimental innovation methods.

Technology Trends with Congatec Embedded Computers

In partnership with congatec

Congatec is a rapidly growing technology company focusing on embedded and edge computing products and services. The high-performance computer modules are used in a wide range of applications and devices in industrial automation, medical technology, transportation, telecommunications, and many other verticals.
The session shows technology decisions driven by trends for the embedded computing market at the edge like AI – Machine Learning, Real-Time Hypervisor, High-Performance Computing, Functional safety, and professional services.

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