Bruce Rose Application Engineer During his many years in the electronics industry working in design, sales, and marketing, Bruce Rose has focused on analog circuits and power delivery. His range of work experiences includes organizing and chairing international workshops, publishing and presenting in more than 40 technical conferences and journals, and having been awarded seven patents. While he enjoys his time at work, Bruce even more enjoys the time he is able to spend with his family hiking, biking, and canoeing or pursuing his passion of full scale and model aviation.

Exploring the Growing Range of EV Charging Options and their Power Needs

In partnership with CUI Inc.

As the popularity for EV continues to grow, so does the standardization and classification of EV supply equipment. The market for EV charging is driven by sales of EVs themselves. The types of chargers deployed depends on many factors, not the least of which is the available power at that location.

Solving problems such as range anxiety (fear of becoming stranded) by increasing the number and types of charging stations will help increase adoption, which will be a huge benefit for automakers, the driving public, and the environment. Build your knowledge around EV chargers and the equipment that powers them. Gather insights into supply equipment design considerations and power needs.

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