Paulina Pan Sr. Manager, Product Line Management at Analog Devices Paulina Pan is a business manager in Core Control & Automation group at Analog Devices based in San Jose. Paulina has 20+ years experience in the semiconductor industry. Paulina leads a team that manages low power, high-precision signal chain, clocks and RF products.
Muhammad Qazi Sr. Manager Applications at Analog Devices Muhammad Qazi is a Manager of Applications in Core Control & Automation group at Analog Devices. Muhammad has extensive experience with sensors and their analog front-end solutions for consumer and industrial markets where saving power and highend robust performance is critical.

DIGI-KEY PRESENTS: How to Design Low Power Sensor Solutions & Interfaces

In partnership with Digi-Key Electronics

Design engineers are looking for low-power solutions, to extend the battery lifetime, with accurate measurement and smaller size of the product. Choice for communication for data acquisition is also a critical building blocks in the system solution. This webinar will discuss how ADI addresses those design challenges and how design engineers can use the combination of ADI analog front-end/signal conditioning and interface solutions to design low-power, high-precision and high-performance systems along with robust data communication. These solutions are well-suited for various applications such as environmental monitors, factory automation, household appliances and many other applications where sensors are essential.

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