Addressing Noise Immunity Challenges of New Generation High Speed Automotive Data Architectures Using Ethernet and Power-Over-Coax (PoC)

In partnership with Eaton Electronic Components

Fast adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and ongoing Autonomous Driving efforts, driving sensors, cameras, and other electronic control units(ECU) are continuously challenging engineers to improve noise immunity techniques for vehicle power and data signal lines. As vehicle electrification content increases, the risk of more unwanted noise interference or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from nearby circuits threatens data integrity and safety redundancy. Especially as more industry standard high-speed communication methods such as Ethernet and Power-over-Coax(PoC) continue to proliferate into new automotive platforms such as ADAS. Finding the most reliable and efficient noise filtering strategy is key to supporting all these new vehicle electrification platforms.

Eaton provides a wide range of passive noise filtering components to overcome these challenges and achieve a more sustainable and successful design.

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