Oliver Haeberlen Dr. Oliver Häberlen received his M.S. and Ph.D. degree in semiconductor physics from the University of Munich and Technical University of Munich respectively. He is Infineon Fellow for Power Semiconductor Devices & Technology and heading the group for advanced technology concepts evaluating future silicon and wide band gap power device concepts for improved energy conversion solutions. His research areas include low and medium voltage trench power MOSFETs, high voltage super junction devices, GaN power devices and power device reliability. He is a senior member of IEEE and has served as technical program committee member for many IEDM and ISPSD conferences and served as general chair for ISPSD 2020. He is author and co-author of over 100 international patents and patent applications in the field of power semiconductors.

Making GaN Fit for Industrial Applications

In the last few years, GaN has been hyped as a material that could replace silicon in a variety of applications. But is it really good enough for industrial applications? In this Webinar, Dr. Oliver Häberlen Infineon Fellow for Power Semiconductor Devices & Technology takes a closer look on the development processes and testing procedures needed to ensure high-quality benchmarks for GaN devices.

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