Bernd Kohler Bernd Kohler holds a master's degree in physics and completed an MBA before he joined Infineon’s Radar team in 2020. As product marketer & manager, he is responsible for a wide range of Infineon’s 24 GHz radar sensors as well as the new 60 GHz smart motion sensor BGT60LTR11AIP. Among others, Bernd is mainly driving Smart Home & Building, consumer electronics and industrial radar applications.
Anja Schmalzl Anja Schmalzl holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and joined Infineon in 2017. After absolving Infineon’s international graduate program, Anja worked for two years as a product marketing manager for automotive applications. In 2021 she joined Infineon’s Radar team. As product marketer & manager Anja is responsible for Infineon’s 60GHz advanced radar sensor BGT60TR13C. With the aid of this radar sensor various applications can be addressed and use cases like, presence sensing / segmentation & tracking as well as vital / gesture sensing ensured.

Sensing the World with Infineon’s XENSIV™ Radar

The BGT60LTR11AIP addresses all of today’s applications that already feature a motion sensor as well as emerging smart devices that would benefit from a highly sensitive motion detection feature. In this webinar, you will discover more about:

  • The market’s smallest 60 GHz radar sensor with integrated antennas
  • The benefits of Doppler radar technology
  • Easy-to-use autonomous mode
  • The possibilities for future, innovative applications.

Complementing this, we will also be showcasing our highly integrated frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar sensor. The XENSIV™ BGT60TR13C addresses use cases far beyond motion sensing. In this webinar, you will learn more about this high-end radar sensor, its use cases, and how to jump-start your project with Infineon’s Radar Development Kit.

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