Dr. Mahmoud Ismail Global Application Direction – Energy Management Systems Mahmoud heads the application of automotive energy management systems at Infineon Technologies AG, covering 12, 48, 400, and 800 V battery management systems, fuel cells, and high voltage thermal management systems. He has over 7 years of experience in semiconductors and intelligent electronic systems solutions. In the past 4 years, he helped countless customers across different applications build best-in-class BMS solutions and get the most out of their batteries.

Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Building High Voltage Automotive Battery Management Systems

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

As carbon emissions continue to rise, the spotlight is clearly shining on the transportation sector – with its 28% share of global carbon emissions. It is clear that the ability to achieve climate goals hinges on a faster transition to electromobility. Designers in this fast-evolving space are challenged to balance cost and time-to-market constraints with the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and robustness over an electric vehicle’s entire lifetime. Must-haves include future-proof designs with over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities and strong safety performance (up to ASIL-D).

In this talk, we present what are the key challenges for building a BMS. We also show how Infineon’s full chipset offers a best-in-class BMS by addressing the four key challenges:
› Battery Performance: reflecting the driving range per battery charge
› Battery lifetime: reflecting the battery yearly depreciation
› Safety: protecting the battery from critical events, that might risk the safety of the passengers
› Total system cost: reflecting the initial cost of the hybrid or electric vehicle

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