Raul Hernandez Arthur Raul has over 20 years of experience in the semiconductors industry, with experience doing Product Marketing for Microcontrollers and Applications Engineering in Industrial, Motor Control, and Automotive markets and technical sales in regions including the United States, Central Europe and Latin America.

Using Infineon's Rapid Development Platform: XENSIV™ Connected Sensor Kit

Would you like to speed up the development of your IoT sensor application designs? Join Infineon's IoT session to learn more about ready-to-deploy sensor use case scenarios and live data visualization as well as downloadable code examples for ModusToolbox™ that help you speed up the development of designs for IoT applications.

The XENSIV™ connected sensor kit enables rapid development of a custom solution built on Infineon products. It supports customers in testing sensor-driven IoT products and use cases as well as in prototyping. It offers a real-time sensor evaluation with custom configurations and cloud-based sensor data visualization with sensor fusion. The development kit supports use cases based on XENSIV™ 60GHz radar and PAS CO2 with DPS368 pressure sensor (Sense), PSoC™ 6 microcontroller embedded processing (Compute), connectivity via Infineon AIROC™ CYW43012 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Combo (Connect) and hardware security with OPTIGA™ Trust M (Secure). Code examples and sensor libraries are available in the Infineon software ecosystem ModusToolbox™ to help customers create use case-specific application codes for new product offerings.

Join this webinar to understand how to quickly design, develop, and manufacture your own IoT products with Infineon’s XENSIV™ connected sensor kit.

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