Adnaan Lokhandwala Senior Product Marketing Manager Adnaan is a senior product marketing manager at Power Integrations, managing Smart Home and IoT power products. He has more than 15 years of experience in the power semiconductor industry. Prior to PI, Adnaan worked at Texas Instruments and International Rectifier. Adnaan holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois focused on power electronics and ASIC design.

Powering the Next Generation of Smart Homes with Sensors, Connectivity & Adaptor-Free Charging

In partnership with Power Integrations

This webinar will focus on offline power solutions for the smart home. Devices such as smart speakers, wall receptacles with Type-C USB PD ports, smart appliances, and dimmable connected light switches (to name a few) have become ubiquitous in our homes. We will provide an overview of how Power Integrations’ highly efficient switcher ICs – such as the in the LinkSwitch™-TNZ family and the new InnoSwitch™4-CZ family – enable some of the latest innovations in these smart home products. We will explore how PI’s PowiGaN™-based solutions with efficiencies up to 95% address the unique specific requirements of these applications and enable significant size reduction, reduce energy consumption during standby, shorten time-to-market and improve safe operation. Finally, we will describe the tools necessary to help engineers accelerate design cycle times.

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