Mohammed Dogar Vice President Mohammed is head of Global Business Development and Technology Ecosystems, driving global business growth, particularly in the field of IoT, e-AI, Security, smart embedded electronics, and communications, providing the vision and thought leadership behind Renesas’ development of products and solutions for smart society and the evolving IoT economy. He studied Electronics & Information Engineering at the University of Huddersfield, UK, and worked for a number of industrial and technology companies including Rockwell Automation, developing microprocessor & PLC-based automation control systems. In 2001 he joined NEC and subsequently Renesas, and has worked in various roles including Engineering, Applications, Marketing, and Business Development. He loves playing golf, badminton, and getting involved in other outdoor activities with his children.

Advancing Endpoint Intelligence

In partnership with Renesas Electronics

Edge and endpoint devices are becoming smarter and more useful in a wide range of IoT applications to tackle the challenges of processing ability and minimal power usage with high performance. End‑to‑end security is also becoming more important to keep information safe. The products and solutions we use to tackle these challenges must also be sustainable.

In this session we will discuss:
● How endpoint intelligence will have a profound impact on how we interact with IoT devices
● Renesas technologies and solutions to help increase endpoint intelligence for a wide range of applications
● The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI)
● AI / Machine Learning technology, landscape, and construct
● Robust end‑to‑end security
● Use case examples

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