Markus Loerner Marketing Expert Markus Loerner is a marketing expert at Rohde & Schwarz focusing on the RF & microwave component market. He joined Rohde & Schwarz in 2000 and worked as a signal generator product manager in various RF applications from mobile wireless to satellite communications, for both R&D and production use. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

Latest Enhancements in PA Technology and How to Characterize Them

In partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

5G is real. The focus is on improving systems and enhancing capabilities. We will be discussing how to get from electronic design automation to real RF devices while focusing on verification, characterization, repeatability, and throughput. Learn about the benefits and needs for testing with CW and modulated signals. Design optimization through topologies such as Doherty, envelope tracking, and load modulation balanced amplifier (LMBA) will be discussed.

The focus is on extending bandwidth coverage per RF channel and improving energy efficiency. We will look at solutions that meet demanding requirements and help to develop latest PA topologies such as the LMBA using a measurement-aided approach.

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