Christian Dille Global Market Segment Research & Universities After his studies in Physics with major in Photonics and Laser physics in Germany and Canada Christian Dille worked for more than 10 years in photonics industry before he joined Rohde and Schwarz in 2019. Being responsible for the global market segment Research & Universities he is now looking into key topics in science and technology to unveil new potentials for Rohde & Schwarz test and measurement solutions.

Pushing Quantum Computing Ahead with Classical Instrumentation

In partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

As with any potentially revolutionary technology, there is a lot of hype and speculation surrounding quantum computing. But already today, companies as well as research institutes are working on scaling up quantum computing systems to 100s of qubits. In this process, also the demands on reliable RF test and control solutions are increasing.

We will discuss test and measurement challenges and opportunities along superconducting quantum computing (QC) system development and operation lifecycle. You will learn how solutions from Rohde & Schwarz and Zurich Instruments can help you bringing your Quantum Computing System to life.

In this course, we will cover spectroscopy of system components such as qubits and readout resonators. When it comes to system integration, we will examine functional tests of the QC control system as well as characterization of the amplifier chain and of the pulse sequence by means of general-purpose test and measurement equipment. In the second part you will learn more about how the quantum computing control systems (QCCS) as a tailored hardware and software solution supports a successful QC system ramp-up and operation.

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