Ryan McMichael Director, Sensors & Systems for Advanced Hardware Ryan McMichael is the Director of Sensors and Systems Engineering for Advanced Hardware at Zoox. He started at Zoox in 2016, and as part of his current role he enjoys leading engineering teams to specify, design, build, and integrate autonomous hardware for Zoox’s vehicle. Prior to joining Zoox, Ryan worked at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab where he focused on optical design of space instruments. Although Ryan has left JHUAPL, he continues to teach 2 courses in the JHU Space Systems Engineering graduate program. Ryan obtained his B.S./M.S. in Optics from the University of Rochester. He has co-authored 2 publications and has been listed as an inventor on over 64 patent applications. Outside of work, you can find Ryan singing and songwriting on the piano and guitar.

From the Ground Up—Zoox Turns a Corner with New AV and Sensor System Designs

In partnership with Zoox

What if you started designing an autonomous vehicle from the ground up? How different would it be from what is on the road today? Ryan McMichael of Zoox joins us to discuss how those questions impact the cars and the complex sensor systems that will enable an autonomous future. Zoox is a subsidiary of Amazon that is developing a new type of autonomous vehicles to provide Mobility-as-a-Service. 

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