MP-180 IV Curve Tracer

EKO - MP-180

The high precision MP-180 I-V tracer is the ultimate research instrument for Photovoltaic cell development and quality inspection purposes. Its wide input range (µA - A) makes the MP-180 a unique all round measurement device suitable to test all types and sizes Photovoltaic cells. When used in combination with a Pulsed or Continuous Sun Simulator, I-V curve measurements can be fully automated using the built-in trigger function either to synchronise with the flash or control of the sun simulator shutter. The MP-180 is operated by a PC using advanced software functions for visualising data, data management and to calculate specific cell parameters e.g. Rs, Rsh and other characteristic values.

  • Measured Value: 2 V to 20 V
  • Communication interface: RS-232/USB/LAN
  • Power: 400 W
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