GDM-8034 Multimeter

Instek - GDM-8034

The GDM-8034 is the most affordable and cost-effective bench-top digital multimeter available today. A large 0.5" LCD display with 3 1/2 digits always provides a clear view of the measurement results. A series of powerful built-in functions, such as AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode Test, and Audible Continuity Beeper, make the users' applications measurements simpler and easier. Compact profile, sufficient functionality, and excellent cost-performance make the GDM-8034 best suited for educational institutions such as schools and training centers.

  • Max Current (A): 20 (AC), 20 (DC)
  • Max Voltage (V): 0.0012 (AC), 0.0012 (DC)
  • Max Resistance (Ω): 20 (AC)
  • Capacitance Measurement: Yes
  • Temperature Measurement: None
  • Frequency Measurement: None
  • Transistor Test: None
  • Continuity: Yes